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Most recently, I completed a large-scale project on behalf of the Anti-Defamation League. It was a wide-ranging outsourced initiative to design, build and market the digital side of a massive global survey on anti-Semitic attitudes.


It all began with a simple email that told me to watch and research MTV’s dating shows and come back with ideas for their interpretation online.

Doritos Spicy Meets Sweet

To help launch its new flavor of chips, Doritos partnered with MTV in a multi-million dollar deal that included a sponsorship of NextOrNot. I came up with a concept that went way beyond mere sponsorship.


At a time when MySpace was the hottest thing on the Internet and Twitter was just starting (no such thing as “verified” celebs yet) I created when challenged by MTV executives to build a site where personalities from MTV shows could interact with their fans.

Shimon Peres Gone Viral

Zuckerberg-Peres Meeting Becomes a Viral Facebook Meme.

Zagat Survey

Consulted directly for Tim and Nina Zagat on social media and web strategy.

Gefilte Invaders

Yep, a mashup of Gefilte fish and the video game Space Invaders. How has it taken this long to create an interactive game that so seamlessly integrates the odd poached fish mince staple food of Jewish holidays with the Japanese arcade game created in 1978?

Definitely Something

When MTV and VH1 set out to create a network of commandos to pitch, execute, manage and grow web experiments we were recruited on day one. Given different challenges by senior management we research, propose and create innovative ideas.

Animating Memorial Day

The story Paper Boats was written in memory of my childhood friend Ezra Asher, killed by friendly fire in southern Lebanon in 1993, in this story Ezra is stepping out of the newspaper announcement of his death to speak with a young boy whose father is going off to war.

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